Wavelength Audio, ltd.
Amplifier Concepts

Guitar amplifiers have been around since the early time of vacuum tubes. So what makes my amplifiers any different from them? In many ways I agree with the early work. I have designed and built thousands of vacuum tube amplifiers that have won awards of all types in the High End Audio arena. Several of my friends who played guitar asked me to fix the classic, custom and well respected amplifiers over the years and I could not figure out why people would make stuff this way.

Yes... I will do push pull amplifiers if begged to do so. But really my forte is single ended designs. Single Ended designs have been around for a long time but never like this. So why is Single Ended better than push pull?

  • Orchestrating multiple tubes to work in unison is very hard to do and will not stay that way even hours after setting them. A single tube will always work the same way.
  • Push Pull transformers have no inherent energy reserves. The core of a single ended amplifier stores current as inductance, ready for immediate delivery when needed. The core of a push pull transformers cancels the reserves in the core due to the nature of the design.
  • Single Ended amplifiers only work Class A. Even Class A push pull amplifiers go into Class A/B at some point, usually much earlier than most designers think.

These are the main reasons that makes my amplifiers better than others. Well, parts quality is really high using MagneQuest custom iron and Black Gate capacitors as well as Mundorf and Myal coupling and tone capacitors.

But the real secret is the Reactor Follower driver, which directly couples the driver stage to the output tube. By doing this the amplifier is allowed to go from Class A to Class A2 and increases the power output by 40% over other designs. But what this really means is that at low levels the amplifier sounds like it does at mid levels, making this the perfect amplifier for recording.

Available in several options with hard wood combos or heads with copper and exotic silver wound in the USA transformers. Pick a tube or sound and I can match it to what you want and deliver a custom product to match your style.