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Welcome to the new site for Wavelength Audio, ltd.

Isolation Cabinets: I offer two isolation cabinets now a large 12” cabinet that fits in a rollable ATA case and a new more portable (38 pounds) 10” model check out the product page for the details.

Quark head, the new Quark with Tone Bank is available in the minor (5W-6V6) and the major (8W-7591A). I have a couple of prototype cabinets for combo’s for these but I think POYP is going to be my standard low wattage combo.

POYP (Piss off your Parents), I am a big fan of the Rock Boat. We go every year and as you know I make all the amplifiers and isolation cabinets for Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies. I talked to Ed on the 2018 Rock Boat and he mentioned his son Lyle was going to Berklee College of Music in the fall. During the Rock Boat adventure I ran into Lyle and Arden and was behind them talking about the boat. The POYP design literally popped into my head. As it is a crime to work on the boat I grabbed an IPA on the back deck, a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote the design down. Yes I was shamed by fellow Rock Boaters on Facebook but it was worth it this design is perfect combo for anyone looking for great tone and playability. Available with DI output option, Headphone option, 9V stomp box linear power and drivers (10” only: Warehouse G10A Alnico, Warehouse Veteran, Celestion Green Back 10 or Celestion Tube 10).