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August 2022

Thumper 12” Combo, single ended 7591A Class A/A2 to 10W, all tube design.


May 2022

I made a variation of the
Nitrous pedal with a transformer output, super cool sounding. Same 3 frequency range.

February 2002

Octane Tube Clean Boost, the 6418 tube is directly heated for 18dB of pure tube gain @ 32ma draw. Perfect end of the chain on all the time pedal.


November 2021

After 21 versions we have the
Glass Pack Fuzz. A variation of the Tonebender 1.5 using NPN germanium transistors and a two transistor shunt regulator to keep the noise out.


October 2020

Ok said I would never do it… but too much free time and too much of
That Pedal Show.

Nitrous Treble Booster with 3 frequency switch.


Nitrous Booster three frequency single transistor germanium. Frequencies full range, 800Hz and ~2KHz (Rangemaster frequency). Production available now.

June 2020

We have a new product line of 8” Combo’s called the
LunchBox. These are 12x12x10 inches. These are all tube amplifiers available in 2 build types, standard and SuperCharged with two speaker options: Warehouse ceramic 8 or alnico 8, both are great the alnico is marvelous.


Single Volume control, optional transformer coupled DI, headphone jack will defeat the internal speaker. 9V/400ma stomp box power supply on the back. Amp is shipped with a six foot 2.1mm extension cable and a fanout cable. I have been testing a lot of stomp boxes and have a pretty robust setup currently and only drawing 152ma. Currently: Nitrous Booster, JHS 1966 Bender Fuzz, Boss tuner, MXR Carbon Copy mini, Jam Pedals Ripply Falls, D&M Drive.

Tubes: 5686 (mini EL84), 6072A/12AY7A (DC regulated filament for low noise), 6ZY5G tube rectifier. All NOS tubes included, with a spare set. 3W output power can really get that 8” speaker going.

Standard model has a bunch of high end parts, US made power transformer, Canadian choke, custom Mercury Magnetics output transformer, Jensen (USA) DI transformer.

TurboCharged model includes Black Gate Capacitors in the power supply, V-Cap new Tone Caps for coupling, MagneQuest (USA) hand wound output transformers (limited supply). Speaker cable is an Analysis Plus heavy duty cable.

Tolex: Pink, Seafoam Green, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Red Sparkle, Black Sparkle, Tweed, Black. Custom finishes available.


So we support the
Rock by the Sea foundation and pledge all our charity to them. Soon we will be auctioning off the Ed Robertson prototype amplifier that was used for their tours for the last 5 years. Yes it still works and if you want to hear some of it, listen to the Barenaked Ladies album Live at Red Rocks.


Signed by all the Barenaked Ladies and also from last summers tour Hootie and the Blowfish. Stay tuned to Rock by the Sea for more information.

NAMM 2019 I was talking to the great people at Preston Thompson and Collings about the show. It’s been awhile since we have done NAMM but I always remember how loud and almost impossible the sound was in the venue. So I came up with the Guitar Noggin. It’s a full guitar headphone amplifier with DI output. This is everything you would expect from me with crazy parts and custom transformers. The Preston Thompson group used it at NAMM to show off their new line of model T electric guitars.


This has a volume, tone and master control with a custom Headphone output transformer with a High and Low switch on the read as well as an XLR for the optional DI transformer.

Collings had a huge booth at the show so they sent theirs back and it’s up on
Reverb if you are interested.

Isolation Cabinets: I offer two isolation cabinets now a large 12” cabinet that fits in a rollable ATA case and a new more portable (38 pounds) 10” model check out the product page for the details.


Here’s Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies with the two of the large ISO cabinets and the original prototype for his Bucket of Iron custom amplifier. The Bucket of Iron amplifier is a push pull 6V6 amp using our MPC (Magnetic Phase Coupling) technology which means 100% accurate push pull all the time. Plus it gives the amp more headroom.


Ed Robertson’s Bucket of Iron Custom MPC 18W 6V6 Signature Amplifier

Check out my other products on the
product page including our new 38 pound 10” ISO cabinet.