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Took a trip over to Swindon UK to give Andy Partridge from XTC a new custom 10" combo for recording. This is basically has the Small Block Series preamplifier and then the RFC output using a 6973 Pentode (Think Supro Thunderbolt meets Wavelength craziness). This little 5-8W amplifier has the full tone bank with dual level controls to go from clean to dirty in a few strokes. There is also a 1/2 power switch, speaker off switch and a transformer coupled DI output. It was great to meet Andy and Erica. I think Andy really liked the amplifier and Kelly and I hope it will lead to some new tunes.

Small Block Series

This series comes in 3 models, all three use the same input circuit using a two stage 6072A/12AY7 circuit with a main gain dial and a full tone stack. Then each one is optimized after that for whatever the output stage is as follows:

MPC Magnetically Phase Coupled Push Pull Amplifier. This 18W 6V6 amplifier uses a unique inductor to create the phasing needed for a well matched push pull signal. Nothing has ever been done like that before. Some people have tried interstage transformers but these act like compressors so the inductor thing has the best results. This design also uses a choke loaded power supply which is also unique in the guitar world of amplifiers. The prototype in Blue back stage @ Red Rocks and used for the Barenaked Ladies Tour. Available with standard output transformers, pinstriped nickel and hyper pinstriped cobalt.

DHT Directly Heated Triode single ended power amplifier. This 12W 300B amplifier is probably the only one of it's kind in the world. The 300B was the original triode power tube used since 1934 all over the world by Western Electric and companies that copied it. Still made in the USA by ATT/Lucent and by many other companies across the globe. Google it, the history is daunting. Shown in Black below before the Barenaked Ladies show in Cincinnati at the Shoe.

RFC Reactor Follower Coupled single ended power amplifier. This 12W KT77 Class A and unto 15W in A2 (grid forward) power amplifier uses my original directly coupled Reactor Follower circuit to give the output tube more than 20% more power than other single ended amplifiers. The direct coupling forces the grid to do it's bidding and therefore has a unique sound. Currently Ed Robertson's touring amplifier.

These are all available now $3500 each, NOS versions available price on request. Variations also available.

Below is a picture backstage in Columbus with Keith Rudyk, Ed Robertson's guitar tech extrodinaire. Amplifiers as follows:
Black DHT 300B
Purple/Black RFC KT77
Burnt Orange MPC 6V6 production version
Light Blue MPC 6V6 prototype used in the 2013 BNL tour.

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The black unit above has the final chassis work as seen from the front panel and the back here seeing the DHT model with the Western Electric 300B We can make variations of the amplifiers on the front and back to make what ever you are looking for. There will also be an Ed Robertson signature model available soon. We will also offer matching speaker cabinets in 10" and 12" models. We can also offer fine cabinets in selected hardwoods for those interested please email me.

So Kelly asked Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) for some quotes about the new amplifiers he is using on the tour. Here is what he had to say:


Wavelength (or Gordon's... However you wish to word it) Amps have revolutionized my live stage sound.

My Wavelength Amp is making the sound I've always heard in my head. Not the paranoid voices... The guitar sound.

Once you've played through a Wavelength Amp, you won't want to play through anything else.

Wavelength Amp + Guitar = Rock and Roll Magic Sauce!

I've experimented with a lot of different rigs over the years, and I always felt I had to compromise for one reason or another. My Wavelength Amp settled that problem. I couldn't be happier with what I'm hearing.

My longtime Guitar Tech Keith Rudyk has gotten excited about my playing again... And that's saying something!!

Take everything you love about vintage amps, and add everything you love about evil genius madmen like Gordon Rankin... And you get my Wavelength Amp.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Cause my Wavelength Amp was on the other side.

When I got my Wavelength Amp, I thought my other amps went in to storage. Turns out they all jumped off a bridge.

I've never played through a finer Amp.

I'm not what anybody would mistake for any kind of guitar guru... Buy this amp makes me sound like one!

There are plenty of people who don't play Wavelength Amps. They are all idiots.

I have lots of other amps, which is good cause it gets cold where I live. Get it? Cause I'll need the firewood!! Get it?? Cause all my old amps are firewood now, get it??!!!


Summer NAMM 2012

The attendance for this show was much better than 2011. We were a little short staffed as David Schneider was sick right before we left. But there was a ton of people down from Cincinnati to help out and so the show went on as planned.

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Scott Covrett and Rob Fetters entertaining the crowd.
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Scott Covrett, Bob Nyswonger and Rob Fetters playing some of their tunes.
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2012 Kelly and I manned the booth alone since Dave Schneider could not make it. We had from left to right the new 500 Series AD/DA converter iKodek run by a MacBook Air with full Apple Logic setup with MIDI pedal system Neve 517 and Roll Music RMS5A7 mic preamps setup for DI input with a set of Focal Monitors. Maple ToneBank combo, Silver ToneBack head with dual 10" speaker cabinets. Fano GR001 custom guitar and the Schneider Silver Emerald ran the guitar setup this year. Thanks for all that came out and spent it with us!

Summer NAMM 2011
Booth# 1409

Compared to 2010 this years show seemed like a whirlwind of activity. The larger booth, better positioning and really cool guitars, amplifiers and 500 series digital stuff really set the tone for the show at 10am day 1.

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Gem Series Emerald using the new Seymour Duncan Zephyr all silver pickups. Maple Gold Alnico 10” Celestion Tone Bank Combo using the 7591A (15W). The Mahogany Speaker Cabinet with the Century 12 Neo Celestion, pedal board and the new EDI battery powered gain block for those acoustics and such that need a little more gain from their pickups.
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The Schneider arsenal of guitars that really pleased the crowd as well as the sitar. My two heads including the copper based Tone Bank 6V6 (8W) and the ultra cool Tone Bank 84 Silver (8W) single ended amplifiers. The Tone Bank 84 uses the RCA 5693 input pentode (red) and the 6072A for second stage gain and the reactor follower circuit. The solid brass billets on each of the amplifiers are tube shields. Premier Guitars Editor Pick Day 2!
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Seymour Duncan and Dave with Dave’s new Gem series Turquoise guitar using the new all silver Zephyr pickups made by Seymour Duncan.
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My new 500 series two channel optically isolated 24/192 USB AD/DA converter.

Premier Guitars Editor Pick Day 2: I would like to thank the whole crew from Premier Guitars. They were at the booth every day commenting on how cool the setup was. Dave’s Gem series guitars featuring the Turquoise and Emerald were a big hit as these were the first to use the new Zephyr series Silver Wired Pickups really brought in the crowd.

Pictures on Dave's site: Schneider

Premier Guitars NAMM Special Magazine