Summer NAMM 2010
Booth #444a

This picture was taken after everything was setup on Thursday. We had a little flooding but the smallish booth only took a couple hours to get up and running.

In Electronics we had the Danelectro Tuner, Keeley Wah, MXR Compressor, Wavelength Tube Screamer, Analogman Sun Face Fuzz, Vanamps pan reverb going to the Keeley amp switcher. This allowed us to take a single input and send it to either the Tone Bank Head/Celestion Blue Alnico 12" (up front on the table and speaker cabinet just below) or the Tone Bank Combo featured in maple in the back with the Celestion Gold Alnico 10". Thanks to Analysis Plus the entire setup was wound with their cables, jumpers and with that we had noise free, excellent sounding setup.

Oh yea the other stuff... Wavelength also showed the new WaveLink HS Class 2 USB to SPDIF converter (back on the pillar) next to it the Wavelength Guitar Preamplifier. This preamp has full tube (no SS in it at all) with transformer coupled output, full tone stack, polarity, mute, impedance selection, real sweet. In front we had a MacBook Air with Master Tape files at 24/96 and above streaming through the Proton with a set of Sennheiser headphones for listening.

Schneider Guitars... Pheonix totally awesome electric $75K, Small Body Acoustic $25K, Classical Nylon $25K, Lotus Archtop $48K

The Tone Bank Head Amplifier really killed the concept that a 6V6 Single Ended Design could not compete with the big boys!!!!!
The Reactor Follower Direct Coupled output Stage makes this a real competitor in the Acoustic or Electric Market.

Scott Covrett playing the small body and Dave playing the sitar doing some Beatles, bringing in the crowd!