Guitar Preamplifier

Guitar Preamplifier
Tube Transformer Coupled XLR and TRS outputs
Tube Gain Stage

The Guitar Preamplifier is available in three models. Acoustic, Electric and Bass. It is also available in Active and Passive mode. In the Passive mode (Passive Pickup) the input is directed to anLow noise FET/Tube stage for a little more gain. In the Active mode (active preamplifier on board, or high output pickups) the preamplifier is all Tube. We use the 6922 here as it is a low noise, high gain, high transconductance tubes.

The input goes to the first stage which is reactor loaded for even more gain and higher output. This goes to a standard Guitar or Bass Tone Stack and then the Volume control. The output of the volume control goes to the other half of the tube which transformer couples the output to the TRS and the XLR. Other controls include signal inversion and high (1M Active/4M Passive) input impedance or low input impedance (100K).

The Stomp switch mutes the output and allows the user to tune or other things before continuing. There is a Red/Green LED which indicates if the unit is mutted or not.