Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

Wavelength has been designing tube audio equipment since 1981. We got talked into fixing some amplifiers for local stars which sent us into a tail spin. We decided to take matters into our own hands and in 1998 joined NAMM and started producing really high quality unique amplifiers. Though we do specialize in lower power Single Ended amplifiers we also have the entire Peerlesstm collection of transformers (20-20, 20-20 Plus, Western Electric, Dumble, Triad and others) at our disposal and can make anything from 2W-200W's.

In the Single Ended design we use what is called Reactor Follower direct coupled output stage. This method allows our product to exceed in two places other single ended amplifiers cannot do. One is that since it is direct coupled the output sound stays more consistent from low level to the break up area. Secondly our power output is not constrained to Class A but we can also go into the Class A2 area which means our amps have about 30% more power than other single ended amplifiers.


Tone Bank Guitar Head Amplifier

This is a basic Tone and Volume control amplifier with a three position bright switch and optional three position low end switch that allows the guitar player to easily dial in the sound they are looking for. The rectifier tube is a 5AR4/GZ34 using Black Gate caps for all the capacitors. Tubes vary with design from the 6V6 using a 12AX7A and a 6J5 for the reactor follower. The above is an all silver version using the EL84 output tube a really cool RCA 5693 input tube and shared duty of gain and reactor follower using the 6072A. The output transformers are all MagneQuest custom units. This is also available in other tubes selections like 7591A, 6L6, KT66 and others. 8W Class A, 10W Class A2


Tone Bank Combo

same as above in 7591A 12W Class A/15W Class A2
Celestion Gold 10", Blue 12", Green Back 10" or 12" (others).


Ed Robertson with Barenaked Ladies, back stage before the Red Rocks show with his custom ToneBank Amplifier.
This is mainly a recording or living room amplifier using a 6BM8 output tube for 5W and 5AR4 and 12DW7.

Sounded amazing through the PA at Red Rocks, Ed did the entire sound check using it.


Rob Fetters Signature Amplifier Head and Speaker Cabinet
6550 Reactor Follower 20W Class A/30W Class A2
Rob Fetters, Psychodots, The Bears